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This website is for kolambuganon people. Here, we can communicate even though we are quite far from each other. Some of us are already migrated and worked in different places. By means of this we can be together. Only the members can use the website features such us blogging, posting, webcam and chatting, uploading photos and videos, etc. Guest and visitors as well are cordially invited even they're not from Kolambugan but knows somebody from Kolambugan. Please tell some of your friends and relative who are from this place to join with this community (kolambuganon) that we are here also in the internet world. If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to email me at kolambuganon@yahoo.com. Please respect as well our own website. Thank you all for your support.

The name “Kolambugan” was taken from a word “kolambog”, a kind of tree which grew abundantly in the area. Some present day barangays were also before called Migcamiguing and Maribojoc named also from trees abundantly found in the area. 



Based on legend, Kolambugan got its unique name from a tree specie which is prominent in the area. The “Kolambugan Tree”, the abundance of its kind triggered the naming of the place Kolambugan.

As early as 19th century, a couple of American migrants settled and established a timber processing plant named Kolambugan Lumber Development, that later changed to Findlay Millar Timber Company.

The presence of the timber company triggered rapid economic growth. This resulted into the change from a small barrio, inhabited by native Maranaos and Christians settlers from the neighboring places of the island, into a municipal district level that stretches from Buru-un, now part of the City of Iligan, to Karomatan area, now the municipality of Sultan Naga Dimaporo.    

On July 1, 1936, by virtue and power of the Executive Order No. 37, President Manuel L. Quezon declared Kolambugan as one of the Municipalities of Lanao Province. The Lanao province was further divided into Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur. Kolambugan is part of Lanao del Norte province.

Kolambugan is a 4th class municipality in the province of Lanao del Norte, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 25,306 people. Kolambugan is politically subdivided into 26 barangays.
  • Austin Heights
  • Baybay
  • Bubong
  • Caromatan
  • Inudaran
  • Kulasihan
  • Libertad
  • Lumbac
  • Manga
  • Matampay
  • Mukas
  • Muntay
  • Pagalungan
  • Palao
  • Pantaon
  • Pantar
  • Poblacion
  • Rebucon
  • Riverside
  • San Roque
  • Santo Niño
  • Simbuco
  • Small Banisilan
  • Sucodan
  • Tabigue
  • Titunod
 The Municipality of Kolambugan is accessibly located along the Panguil Bay area facing Ozamiz City in the Province of Misamis Occidental. The Municipality of Kolambugan is 47 kilometers West of the capital town of Tubod. It is centrally located Northwest of the Province. The Municipality of Kolambugan is bounded by the Panguil Bay on the North Municipality of Tangkal and Magsaysay on the South; the Municipality of Maigo on the East the Municipality of Tubod on the West.

The Municipality of Kolambugan has a geographic location of 8-06-59-678 latitude,123-54-01-466 longitude and has a grid coordinates of 897609.334 N. 378809.416 E and the point of origin is in the intersection of the equator and central meridean of zone v.

Natural Resources

The municipality has va
st agricultural lands which are mainly planted to coconut. It supplies copra to the coconut oil mills of Iligan City. As it is strategically located within the Panguil Bay area, it serves as a major fishing ground for the fishermen of the municip
ality. Its major bodies of water such as the Kulasihan, Kolambugan and Titunod Rivers also serve the population’s domestic water needs and as drainage for the municipality’s wastes.

It has high mountains such as Mt. Carmon, Mt. Javier and Mt. Bucao. There are also mangrove areas and forests which help in the prevention of siltation.

Kolambugan serves as a natural gateway of services and goods through a ferry transport from Kolambugan to Ozamiz City of Misamis Oriental with 2 barangays,
Mukas and Poblacion as ports of entry and exit.

Kolambugan Municipality Office


This news/information was taken from different sources/links.  In behalf of the people concern (Kolambuganon website), people had the right to know of what's happening in our own home town.  If you have any information/news with regards to our place, please email us through kolambuganon@yahoo.com.  We appreciate very much of what you share to the website.  More news, please visit the Kolambugan News Update page.


Also more news in this Forum with regards in particular about our hometown Kolambugan.  Please click this link where you're being directed to the area where you can find and read about new/old news about Kolambugan. Link:  NEWS IN REGARDS TO KOLAMBUGAN.


Reminder as well:  Please we urgue you to share what you have information or news or anything that happens in Kolambugan.  Please share with us what you knew atleast those people also learn what's happenings in our hometown and it's very informative if you can help us by sharing yourself in posting this column.  We appreciate most of your help and assistance to keep this community website alive.  Mas daghang information, mas nindot basahon..... (Sa mga taga kolambugan, minghangyo sad ko sa inyo nga kon duna moy mga balita nga pwede sad mahibaw-an sa ubang mga taga Kolambugan nga layo tawon sa atua, palihog sab ug butang dinhi sa forum> pinduta na lang ning link : NEWS IN REGARDS TO KOLAMBUGAN ug dalhon mo sa forum nga diin ibutang ang inyong mga balitang nahibaw-an.  Ang inyong mga tabang ug balita bahin sa atua, dakong pagpasalamat sa mga moderators para dinhi sa atong website para sad mahibaw-an sa ubang mga kolambuganon nga pwerteng sa layua. ~ Daghang Salamat)

                       Holy Cross High School

Holy Cross High School, Kolambugan, Lanao del Norte is also a member of Cahtolic Educational Association of the Philippines.  You can visit also the website at : http://www.ceap.org.ph/cms/SchoolMem.aspx


 (This area portion is for the HCSH (Holy Cross High School).  If anyone from the HCSH wants to post any entry like news, events or activities (or even photos/pictures)with regards to the school, please send it to me at kolambuganon@yahoo.com or send me message in facebook account :  . - Thanks ERNIE


Official Seal Logo of HCHS 

HCHS (Holy Cross High School) has also an accounts in facebook.   Please click  those links below and you will be directed to the facebook account.   http://www.facebook.com/hchs.webteam/info and http://www.facebook.com/groups/216998625022588/

 Note and Reminder:   There will be a 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming of Holy Cross High School on April 26-28, 2013- Venue:  HCHS Ground.  Please click the link for more details and information :  http://pinvents.com/event/272929576146616/holy-cross-high-school-3rd-grand-alumni-homecoming


          Geronima Cabrera (Riverside) National High School

GCNHS (Geronima Cabrera (Riverside) National High School has also an account in facebook.   Please click the logo seal (GCNHS) above and you will be directed to the facebook account.  Or Click this link:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Geronima-Cabrera-National-High-SchoolRiverside-National-High-School/259540167426699


(This area portion is for the GCNHS (Geronima Cabrera National High School).  If anyone from the GCNHS wants to post any entry like news, events or activities (or even photos/pictures)with regards to the school, please send it to me at kolambuganon@yahoo.com or send me message in facebook account :  . - Thanks ERNIE 






Geronima Cabrera Green Wave Act

Geronima Cabrera, Kolambugan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Why this species was chosen (Narra Tree)

This species is available in our Science greenhouse and one of the specie who can survived sea breeze. It is also a strong tree that can survived strong wind because our school is located along Panguil Bay that separates Ozamiz Ci ty, Misamis Occidental from Lanao del Norte.

Our story

One day,one Physical Fitness Division Supervisor,Ms. Maricar Ablin visited our school early morning, 22nd of May 2009. She dropped by to visit us & see if we are doing our Brigada-Eskwela activities(school, community,local government offices & NGO's civic cleaning to prepare the school for class opening. She also told us to join in the green wave plant your tree activity this 10:00 am. Also Mam Belen Bastillada

, our Science Division Supervisor sent us a text message urging us to join the program and even texted the process on how to join..Thank you Mam Belen for the act. So everybody then were busy..somebody shouted:'There is enough tree seedlings in the science greenhouse,choose your tree..what should be the name?..find a camera..tell everybody to join in the tree planting ..put a name tag on your tree,,etc...Buzzing around Mother Edes(nickname of school Principal)with full mouth service also..there were 2 trees were planted inside the Science garden..together with her are our school nurse who was also available, our Peace Coordinator, Ms Alice Sarip and Mrs Flor Tomimbang, our science coordinator.

For more info click here: http://greenwave.cbd.int/node/2114

UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE Southeast Asia & the Pacific Regional E-Newsletter

To promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence, and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.




Even you're not from from this town (Kolambugan) you're still cordially invited to be a part member.  Registering to be a member, please omit some of the questions that are not nicessarily/input for your profile but as much as possible, please leave some notes.  for example:  from kolambugan - n/a, holy cross high school - n/a, etc.

Here are some Informations and guidelines how  to use this website if you're a member.  Please read this guidelines so that you know and learn how to use it.  You should understand everything what we're trying to reach you.  Please come on and join with us, specially to those KOLABUGANON.  Please join with us!!! We love to hear you guys.  I know that some of us where quite to far, but then, we can have a communication through here (our own website).  Let us know where are you and tell us about how's life goin' out there.  We love you to be here!!!..  Like me, I missed a lot of things, so I created this website to reach some of my friends, relative and my love ones.  WELCOME AND SHARE YOURSELF TO US!.....

MEMBERS : -  if you're a member, you can input/post some  of the features, like you can upload videos like personal, activities (specially in kolambugan).  Please avoid uploading videos which is not appropriate like sexual, explicit videos..    These features are also categorized, so click to the appropriate categories of your uploading videos/pictures.


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CONTACT ME : - If you need me, suggestion, comments, anything you can directly send me an email at kolambuganon@yahoo or you can reach me (leave message) in my facebook account at: https://www.facebook.com/borrizzz (Just click the link and you will directed to my account). Please don't hesitate to message me.  I need you(everyone) also your assistance and help me to keep this website ongoing.  Thanks. - Ernie


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